In general terms, baby showers involve a number of activities usually pertaining to a particular theme, but basically include the sharing of time between the mother-to-be and guests for opening of gifts, giving practical advice to the new parents, playing games and having a sit-down meal or buffet-style meal, depending on what is more convenient for the expectant mom, such as having a lunch, brunch, cake and punch, or a formal dinner.

Many mothers-to-be prefer a cake and punch baby shower to make the shower a shorter. Remember that pregnancy may not be easy for the expectant mother who can feel tired for no reason at all. However, it is up to the hostess which food will be served and the planning of buffet or dinner, always considering what could be best for the mom-to-be.

Although it is advisable to develop the baby shower based on a theme, there is no obligation to do it that way and you can also hold a shower with no specific theme because what matters is to have a shower where everybody will have fun. However remembering to focus your attention on what makes mother to be enjoy her baby shower, no matter if the celebration is casual, formal or even improvised party.

Having a theme helps make the planning of your decorations, invitations, stationary, favors, food, and many other things easier. Depending on how well the people attending the baby shower know each other, you may give to each one easy-to-read name tags made by hand or computer-generated with a nice personal baby-related touch, such as baby diaper pins, ribbons, hot glued dry flowers or any other detail that you can find in the party favors section of craft stores, including the pins to attach the tags.

The object of the baby shower is help the new parents welcome their new child into their life and for everyone to have fun, so there is no other activity better than games to achieve this goal. Whether the new baby is their first child, the second, an adopted or natural born, people will enjoy game activities if you plan them carefully.

Many hostesses ask the guests to be involved by helping with the decorations as part of the baby shower activities. People invited may enjoy creating their own hand-made decorations as a gift for the mother-to-be and even helping to decorate the home of the hostess or the location where the baby shower will be held.

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What Kind Of Activities Happen At A Baby Shower?