Babies are unpredictable. Not often, but sometimes a baby decides it wants to come into this world before planned. Baby showers are generally held 6-8 weeks prior to the birth of the baby. What happens if the baby comes before the shower? That’s a very good question! If the baby shower has already been planned and the announcements sent out, it would be a great idea for the hostess to contact the invited guests at her earliest convenience. It might be decided and necessary to move the shower date to accommodate the parent’s wishes and personal needs.

It might be the parents desire to have the shower soon after the baby comes home or they might wish to hold off until mom and baby are home and settled in. Usually a baby shower will be held 6-8 weeks after the birth. Once again, this should be left up to the mom-to-be and when she might feel up to it. Either way, the guest will need to be notified and new arrangements be made.

As the hostess, it would be a very touching and thoughtful idea to immediately go pick up a couple little outfits and receiving blanket and take to the hospital for the mom, just in case she was not prepared for the early arrival

Additionally, as hostess of the baby shower, please make every effort to arrange to make sure the babies welcome home is a warm one. Enlist a friend or do it yourself, but make sure a blue or pink bow is attached to the mailbox at home to announce to the neighborhood a new baby has been born. On the day the family is coming home with baby, have bouquets of balloons adorning their front steps. If possible be at the home when the parents arrive, simply to “snap” the picture of the baby’s homecoming. Arranging for a warm welcome will be mean so much to mom and make wonderful pictures for the baby’s scrapbook.

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What happens if baby comes before the baby shower?