If the new mom is expecting a baby girl, throw a fun shower to celebrate one of little girls’ favorite toys, baby dolls. Plus, grown up women still have a love for the dolls they enjoyed as a child. For the Baby Doll Shower, invite only women guests. The invitations can look like the outline of a paper doll, inviting the guests over to an afternoon of dress-up, make-up and the fun girly things to expect when expecting a baby girl.

It’s a Tea Party!

For decorations at this party, think of all the things that little girls like; little girl make-up and hair accessories, combs and nail polish. Decorate the table with all the play make up toys, and sweet little flower arrangements of daisies and daffodils. For food choices, think about a tea party theme. Serve tea in small kettles, along with small finger sandwiches, pinafores and treats. Have the guests all sit and converse like a real little girl tea party. It will be fun to reminisce about the imaginary tea parties you had as a child.

A Doll of a Gift

For gifts, ask each guest to bring their favorite doll to give to the new baby. A lot of women keep the dolls they played with as a child. Passing those beloved toys down to others is a great gift. But the newer version of that favorite “Barbie” is also a great choice, or some doll accessories like the doll house and items for the house. The new little baby will have a magical collection of toys waiting for her.

Doll Activities

To end the shower, make paper dolls. You can find paper doll games in any toy store. Buy a variety of the paper doll sets and set them out at the shower. Each of the guests can make their own paper doll and take it home as a keepsake from the shower.

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Toy Baby Shower Idea – Baby Dolls