Baby showers are all about the presents for the new mom to be and her baby that has yet to arrive. Presents can be the practical ones that include strollers, diapers, clothes, and bottles. You can also opt for more of a personal gift that may include one or two gifts that are just for the mom to be. Give that new mom a coupon for a night out with you as the babysitter. This will make the mom feel like she is having a mother to be shower and not just a baby shower.

When it comes to wrapping the baby gifts, your creative side may come into play. A diaper cake is a popular item for a baby shower. These cakes can be bought online or you can try doing one up yourself. Get together with a couple of the new mom’s closet friends and plan all that should be added to that diaper cake. Besides the diapers, put receiving blankets, bottles, bibs, or even stuffed animals in the cake arrangement. All of the baby items can be used over and over again. This is a feature that any new mom to be will love. You can have your diaper cake decorated to fit a new baby girl or a new little boy or just a baby friendly one for those moms who chose to wait until delivery to find out what they are having.

Other presents can be wrapped in various ways. Consider buying wrapping paper with rattles or bottles on it and have all of the baby shower guests write a personal note to the new mom to be. All of the gifts can either have all the guests’ notes on them (which will require a get together before the big day) or each guest can wrap their own gift and personalize it alone. Wrap your gifts according to the party theme. If it is a Disney theme, then buy that type of wrapping paper or that particular type of bow and wrap your gift. You can also attach a baby item to your gift including a rattle or a teething ring.

Any new mom to be loves to get presents for her new bundle of joy. It makes it an even more special occasion if those gifts are personalized. Get all of the baby shower guests involved with the gift-wrapping to ensure that the new mom you are celebrating has an unforgettable time at her baby shower.

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Tips For Wrapping A Memorable Baby Shower Present