So you are planning a baby shower for a mom to be who is already a mom. These types of showers can be a bit different from the traditional baby showers you may be used to. They can be a lot of fun, too. Remember this is a new baby and he or she deserves a baby shower in their name just as their siblings had.

A mom who has other children may already have the basic essentials that a new baby requires. However, depending on how old her other children are, she may need to update the items she already owns. Every mom needs an abundance of diapers, a new stroller, or new baby clothing items. If the other child she has is a girl and she is having a boy, then new baby clothes are definitely going to be needed. Baby shower presents may also focus on the mom more at a second time around baby shower. Buy this mom to be lotions and soaps for that personal time that will soon be so deserving of. Give her gift certificates for new clothes once her bundle of joy is born or a coupon for free babysitting when she is ready to have a night out away from her new little one. This type of baby shower will make mom feel like this shower includes her more. Think of what the mom to be likes so that you are celebrating her in the best way you can and go from there.

Baby shower games may not be a popular choice for a second time around baby shower. It really depends on the mom to be. You never know. She may be all about friendly baby games with prizes awarded. Maybe the mom to be still needs help naming her bundle of joy. Baby showers, for whatever number child it is, will help mom to decide this crucial key to motherhood. This shower is a time for a more intimate gathering with friends and a greater interest in the mom to be. Children also become more involved in the second and possibly third time around baby showers. Additional children of the mom to be and her party guests now become part of the guest list. Be sure to include these little party guests when it comes to the food and fun during the party.

A baby shower is a great time for a family and friend get together. Whether it is a first, second, or even third child make the mom to be feel special and ensure that she has a good time. Every child deserves their time to party before being born, so go ahead and have that anticipated baby shower.

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Throwing A Baby Shower For The Second Time (Or More) Mom