Every mom to be is deserving of a baby shower in her honor. A baby shower that she knows about may be better if she dislikes surprises. If she wants a baby shower, one that she knows about will give the mom to be control over what goes on at her own get together. The surprise shower can also be an option. This type of shower is a lot of fun to plan and even more fun to keep a secret.

If the new mom to be loves surprises, then why not plan a surprise baby shower. In this case, make sure a close family member or friend approves the guest list. This way no one that the mom to be would want at her party gets left out. With a surprise baby shower, you will have to find other ways to seek out what items the new mom to be needs for her little one. This is where friends and family come into play. Make sure all the guests know about the surprise baby shower and that they can keep a secret. Have a day or night out planned for the new mom to be so that she does not expect a party for her new bundle of joy. Do the baby shower at a time when the new mom would not expect it. After lunch can work or perhaps make plans to go out to an early dinner. The less she knows about the shower, the more fun it will be to see the surprised look on her face.

On the downside, a surprise baby shower may be difficult to pull off. When you plan a baby shower that the mother to be is aware of, she can have some control over the guest list and what she wants to go on at her party. Without this knowledge, it may become a difficult task. With an all knowing baby shower, the new mom can pre-register and let all of her guests know what she needs and wants for her new little bundle of joy.

Think solely about the mom to be when you are planning the party for her and the baby. Put yourself in her shoes. Is she the type of person who loves a surprise or does she dread being the last person to know about something? Any mom to be will love having a shower thrown in her honor. It is her day to shine and spend quality time with those who love her. It is a great way to celebrate the new addition to her family with generous gifts and loving support.

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The Pros And Cons Of Throwing A Surprise Baby Shower