Deciding whether or not the mom-to-be should know about the baby shower should be one question that is thought upon very carefully. There are many legitimate reasons why a surprise shower might not be the best choice one of which making sure she does not have plans for that day. If it is a surprise baby shower, the parent-to-be will have no say so on who is invited. It would be quite possible that someone got invited that she would prefer not be there or perhaps someone was missed that she would have loved to have been invited. More importantly, a surprise baby shower might not be the best idea because without her being aware there is a party in her honor, she is not allowed the luxury to “dress up” for such an important event in her life. And finally, if the mom to be knows about the baby shower, she will be able to rest beforehand, so she will feel her best at the celebration. On the other hand, it is very fun to surprise people and see their face when they realize that a group has gone out of their way to totally surprise them and honor them in such a sweet, thoughtful way. Regardless if the baby shower is a surprise or not, please keep in mind the due date and planning the baby shower at least 4-6 weeks before the due date is a wise idea. This also helps the parents to do their final purchases before the baby comes of any items they still might need. Additionally, don’t forget the video recorder and camera to record the memories of this special occasion for the parents-to-be and the baby book!

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Surprise Baby Showers: Pros and Cons