When it comes to inviting people who are most likely unwilling to attend the baby shower, the situation may become a double-edged knife and it depends on the group of people which may be flagged inside this special list to consider for sending invites.

When the baby shower is intended for a small group of friends and family there will not be a problem because among 4 to 10 people most of them if not all, gladly will attend the event. However, when there are several groups in your baby shower guests list, including family, friends, co-workers and other people, having more than 15 persons in mind to be invited, then you must analyze everyone’s situation to determine who may not attend before sending the invites.

The first step is to talk with the mother-to-be and husband about the persons you want to invite but you know in advance they are unlikely to attend the event, because for many new parents understand that some can not make it to the baby shower. However, they also do not want to hurt any ones feelings by not sending them an invitation.

Furthermore, people that are unlikely to attend the baby shower may have a reason, for example when the event is set at a non-convenient time or date. A baby shower may be held any time and any day of the week, but a particular date may not be good for co-workers or even husbands who are working most days of the week, so do not pretend they will attend the baby shower on Wednesdays mid-day, except the expectant mother-to-be husband’s… perhaps.

Be courteous when issuing baby showers. It is polite to send them out even to those people who will not attend the baby shower for whatever reason. It is necessary to use tact to avoid strains at the office where sometimes a master’s degree in diplomacy is required, whether it is inviting your boss and colleagues, or the bosses and colleagues of the new parents.

Not sending an invitation to your boss or supervisor if he/she knows about the upcoming baby shower may hurt a work relationship. However, if you or the new parents do not have a relationship with the bosses other than at work, then sending out invitations is not necessary. Consider also that some people are unlikely to attend the baby shower because they live too far away, but the baby shower invite would be a nice souvenir for family members that can not attend.

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Should I Send Baby Shower Invitations To People Who Are Unlikely To Attend?