Baby shower invitations are a big part of a baby shower. These invitations can be bought if you find ones that are designed to go perfectly with your desired baby shower theme. You can also create invitations on your own with your home computer or by purchasing blank invitations and writing them out yourself. Whichever way you choose, the invitations will be well received by those who open one up.

You can start out baby shower invitations with a nice poem welcoming the new bundle of joy to this world:

Our little one will soon be here,
Let‘s get together and spread some cheer.

Mom to be (first and last name)

Baby shower invitations can be as simple as that. Think of clever little poems to add to the invitations or just say, “Here is a party for mom to be and the little one on his or her way”. Invitations that are more traditional can be used that look more professional. Do use pink, more feminine invitations if the new baby will be a girl and more masculine looking ones if the new little one will be a boy. If the sex is unknown, decorate the invitations accordingly. Little baby ducks are a cute addition if you are unaware of the sex when it comes to invitation time. Use invitations that the new mom to be would appreciate and like herself. Remember, this is her day. Keep the invitations brief and do not over decorate them. A few cute bottles or rattles in the corners are good ideas, but anymore and your guests may have trouble reading the invitations. You may want to include where the mother to be is registered, so that duplicate gifts do not arrive at the baby shower. Make sure the invitations get sent out at least a month in advance of the baby shower date. This gives your guests time to make plans to attend and shop around for the new mom. Include directions to the place where the baby shower is to be held for out of town guests or relatives that may need it.

Invitations get the baby shower started, so be sure and use them. This will ensure a great turnout on the special occasion and the mother to be will be ever so pleased. Make sure one invitation is kept for the new mom to add to the baby book. This will be one day she will not soon forget.

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Sample Wording For Baby Shower Invitations