In this growing world of internet assessiblity, more and more friendships are being formed online. The internet has also become a popular, inexpensive way for families to stay in close contact. It’s only natural that the next step would be Internet Showers!

Planning an internet shower for your expectant friend or relative is just a little bit different from planning one in your home. For starters, no one will notice if you didn’t finish vacuuming! LOL

There are two types of showers you can plan. The first would be for a friend or relative. This shower would basically work the same as one in your home. The second would be for a group of women due in the same month or in the same time frame. In this type of shower instead of everyone sending a gift to everyone, the shower cooordinator would take everyone’s name and address and assign each present swap partners. Each person would send their gift out in time to reach the recipient before the party.

You will need to set up a chat room for everyone to meet in on the designated day. Talk City has free, easy to use chat rooms. Talk City is also webTV compatitble which can be a nice advantage if you have webTV users attending your party. Be sure to include the url and chat room name in your invitations.

Speaking of invitations, you will want to do those next. There are several sites you can send invitaions from, far to many to list. Here are a couple of my favorites.

  • American Greetings
  • Yahoo Greetings

    You can still play games at an online party. Some ideas would be to play the baby item word scramble like the one found here. Another idea would be to play baby trivia games. You could ask questions such as “Which brand of diapers features Barney?” (Luvs) “What brand of baby food features a baby’s face on the label?” (Gerber) or “What brand of diapers come in a red and white bag?” (Huggies) You can make up other questions by looking at the baby items around you, or in the store.

    As the online honoree opens her presents, she can describe them and everyone will get the opportunity to ooh and ahh (virtually, of course) If the honoree has a digital camera, a fun idea it to take picture of each gift and upload it to a photo hosting page as the party is going on. You can find free photo hosting on the following sites:

  • Yahoo Photos
  • Snap Fish
  • Kodak Gallery

    That’s pretty much it. The only think left to do is find a pregnant friend and start planning! Have fun!

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    Planning an Online Baby Shower