Baby showers can take place anywhere. For the working mom an office baby shower is a great way to celebrate the almost here addition to her family. An office baby shower is a great way for co-workers to show that new mom or expectant dad that they care. There are rules that apply more to an office baby shower than a traditional one that is held in your home.

Make sure you have consulted the management in your place of business before planning a shower to ensure that a baby shower can be held in the office. Once you have the ok, you can start planning for the baby shower. First, you will need to decide on decorations. A banner declaring, “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a girl” is appropriate for an office party baby shower. Corresponding balloons in blue or pink are also great party decorations. Make sure that the baby shower honoree will have time to attend their baby shower party. Scheduling the baby shower around break time or perhaps at the end of the day is best. This allows the new mom or dad and the employees who wish to attend a better chance of going. As for the food, small snack foods or pre prepared meat and cheese trays are great for office baby showers.

Games at the office are often not played because of the limited time factor. If time is not an option, a simple game can be played. Pin the diaper on the baby is a fun game that will get everyone involved. Gifts at an office party are best when everyone goes in on one large baby gift. This can be a stroller or a crib. If you are unsure as a co-worker of what to buy the expectant mom or dad, opt for a gift certificate purchased by all the employees to a local baby store. Baby shower favors can be given out at an office shower. They are not always expected to be. Your guests will love leaving with a slice of cake that they can take back to their desk and enjoy later.

Moms or dads love baby showers. It is a great way to get what you need for that new bundle of joy. Any baby shower can be good for the new parents including the at home, more intimate ones and the more formal office ones. Co-workers can show that they care just as much as family and close friends. Make sure your number one priority at that party is the expected parent to be. They will both appreciate the party in any setting.

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Planning A Baby Shower At The Office – Things to Consider