A little bundle of joy is a precious gift and the mother-to-be deserves a baby shower that is just as special. Why not bless her with a baby shower that has a Noah’s Ark theme? This shower would be especially fun for twins, because just like God’s animals, twins come in pairs. Don’t limit yourself to having your Two by Two baby shower for just twins; this theme also makes a great shower for both little girls and little boys.

Decorate your Two by Two shower with stuffed animals. Dig out your old stuffed animals and place them in pairs around your baby shower site. Rainbows are another key decorating item to make your Two by Two baby shower more authentic. Make your own rainbow decoration by cutting a piece of foam board in the shape of a rainbow. Inflate red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple balloons and staple or tie the ends of the balloons in rows on the foam board to look like a rainbow. Hang your balloon rainbow in a doorway or over a window. Another way to incorporate the rainbow theme is to use Skittles. Separate Skittles by color, layer them in large Mason jars, clear glasses or any type of clear decorative glassware, starting with red and making a different layer for each color of the rainbow.

God told Noah to bring into the Ark two of every kind of animal to avoid getting destroyed by the flood. See how well diapers hold up to a flood by taking a variety of diapers and having guests choose which one will be the most absorbent. The winner gets a cookie bouquet of homemade iced sugar cookies in animal shapes. Animal crackers also make great party favors.

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Noah’s Ark Baby Shower Theme – Two by Two