Deciding where to have the baby shower will be one of the first things in deciding while in the planning stages. After the date is set, the next step is to secure the location. Generally, baby showers are held at the home of the host. The location needs to be easy to get to and able to accommodate the number of people being invited to the baby shower. Having an idea of how many people you expect to invite will be necessary, so be sure to consult with the mom-to-be as to her guest list. Once the date has been determined and you have an approximate number to work with you can start looking for your location to hold the baby shower. For a smaller group, the host home makes a wonderful intimate setting. For larger baby showers, church dining halls, restaurants, hotel space are just a few options. You will want to determine if you will be allowed to cater your own, is there ample parking. If you are ordering from a restaurant menu, do they have a certain price for a group in order to make it more affordable and what types of decorations are allowed. If the baby shower is being held at a restaurant, be sure and indicate something on the invitation such as desert will be provided for everyone, or free drinks and desert for everyone. This is a gentle way to indicate that the host does not intend on footing the bill for the entire restaurant bill.

Finding the perfect location is probably just right around the corner. You can ask other new moms where they had their baby shower for some great ideas. The next step would be to contact the desired location to check for availability. You will want to secure the location for the baby shower before you send out invitations. Invitations should be mailed 4-6 weeks prior to the baby shower to allow enough time for your guests to RSVP and shop. Once you find the perfect location for the baby shower, you will be ready to send out the invitations, consider what you will serve and decide if catering is needed and start planning the theme of the party. It is suggested to visit the location and determine what types of decorations and how many will be necessary to turn the location into a beautiful baby shower.

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Location, Location, Location – Where to have the baby shower?