Once the upcoming baby birth is announced, the first impulse of the people close to the mother-to-be is to hold a baby shower to celebrate the occasion, but what happens if it is not possible to gather all the people who she will like in one place? Some reasons may be related to work or where the people the new parents appreciate live in other cities or so far from the home where the shower will take place.

As when planning the wedding, you can plan the baby shower by sending save the date invitations. This way you can try to get the people that need to travel to the location plenty of time to make arraignments to be able to attend the baby shower. Some may not believe that attending the baby shower was as important as attending the wedding, so you may have a few guests that do not wish to travel for the baby shower.

Sometimes even when the guests are willing to attend the baby shower, they are scattered in several different towns or locations far from each other making it hard if not impossible to gather them at a same date, hour and place. Of course, you may also try to save a date in which all can travel, particularly if they are important for the new parents but if it is not possible in the end, you can host a long distance baby shower just picking up one of these ideas.

Internet video shower is a great long distance baby shower idea, if everyone has an internet connection and web cams setting up a real-time video feed stream or a timed picture steel with auto-update through a website. Your remote guests will enjoy watching how the baby shower is going and everybody may see them through the web cam on the other end.

Even if guests do not have access to a web cam, the internet offers the opportunity to chat with them more efficiently than making phone calls through the different chat rooms online. You can set in advance a special room for the online baby shower as a meeting point for all to share with the mother-to-be some activities such as play games, order virtual food and even create a personal message board that may be kept as part of the memories of this long distance baby shower.

In the last instance, you may also have a video recording shower sending a copy of the actual baby shower to those remote guests, but what is more fun is if you create groups of hostess celebrating a baby shower in their own location with a mimic mother-to-be to later send the tapes to you for edition. Then you can join all the events to have an original baby shower party in videotape. You may have this work done by a professional photographer or videographer for a unique gift to the mother-to-be that will give her something to cherish for a long time to come.

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How To Host A Long Distance Baby Shower