When planning a baby shower, you may invite as many people as you wish, depending on how much you can reasonably manage and depending on the location and how many it will accommodate. Determining just how many people are invited to the baby shower will help you with the rest of your planning, from how much food to buy to which games to play. The key is to keep the atmosphere light and intimate. The guests will want to spend time with the mother, but with proper planning and interactive baby shower games this can be pulled off even if you have a rather large number of people in attendance. If you have in excess of 25 people that have confirmed their attendance, make sure you have enlisted the help of a couple of your friends to help you pull it all together when the event takes place. It is wise to have one person in charge of greeting, taking their coats, and directing them to the baby gift table. It is fun at this point; to go ahead and have a game begin from the moment a guest arrives, such as pinning a baby pin on them, and telling them, not to say the word baby. Advise them they can take someone else’s pin if they hear them say the word baby. This starts the baby shower out on a very fun note. If possible have another person that will be in charge of offering a beverage to the guests and introducing them to other guests they might not know. During this time, you will be mingling with the guest and making sure everyone is having a good time.

Once you have determined the guest list, you can get started with the baby shower invitations. These should be sent out 4-6 weeks before the shower so that your guests have plenty of time to R.S.V.P. as well as buy a gift. The baby shower invitation wording should include all the particulars about the event, including what the theme are and gift registry information. Etiquette dictates however, at the very least, registry information should be on a separate slip of paper, not on the invitation itself. Another option regarding the registry, is to not include it at all with the invitation, but instead let guest know when they R.S.V.P. The neat thing about a registry is that for a large shower, it assures the parents-to-be are getting items they need, without getting several duplicates.

Small intimate showers can also be a lot of fun and allow for each person to spend more time with the mom-to-be. Regardless of the size of the baby shower, making it fun, welcoming each guest and making each one feel special, and having a well organized baby shower will certainly make a memorable occasion for everyone including mom-to-be.

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How Many Should You Invite To A Baby Shower?