It is recommended to have only 3 or 4 baby shower games during the baby shower. Games are fun way to keep the baby shower interesting and engaging. The games should be simple, easy to understand and some will take longer than others to play. Consider the game and how many people are in attendance, your time line and the number of gifts that need to be opened by the mom-to-be. Some games can be fun games that are simply played throughout the entire baby shower, such as “don’t say baby”. In “don’t say baby” the guest are given a pin to wear while they are at the baby shower, and they lose their pin when someone hears them say the word baby. This is certainly a game that keeps the guest interacting with one another. Most games however, require specific amount of time devoted just to the game. These are the games the hostess wants to limit while monitoring the time needed for refreshments and gift opening. If there are several guests as well as lots of gifts, it is recommended that the guests enjoy their refreshments while the mom-to-be opens her gifts. Another simple game is to have a door prize number written on the bottom of someone’s plate and/or cup. Another quick door prize game is to have a “lucky” seat. Things such as this, allows for the giving of gifts without really taking time away from refreshments and gift opening. People love to win prizes, and coming to baby showers is no different. It provides a nice break from those watching the mother-to-be open all her gifts. It is recommended to have several small gifts purchased for whoever wins the games. With proper planning, organization, creative decorations and a carefully designed group of games, the baby shower you are planning with go smoothly and will be a simply amazing baby shower for the mom-to-be and the guests.

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How many games should I plan for the baby shower?