Aloha is a great Hawaiian baby shower theme as it can serve as a party to help the parents prepare for the welcoming of their expected bundle of joy. Your aloha baby shower can be beautiful and peaceful, as well as a lot of fun for all of your guests. Instead of just going for a typical baby shower theme, consider a Hawaiian aloha theme so that your baby shower will be a memorable event for everyone who comes!

Your aloha baby shower can take on a very tropical feel in very little time, with very little effort. First you’ll want to consider decorations. Flowers can be the theme of your aloha baby shower. You can usually buy necklaces made of flowers to decorate tabletops and even wall spaces that need decorating. You can also use these leis for favors for each of your baby shower guests so the decorations can double up so that you aren’t left with a bunch of stuff you can’t use. Fresh flowers can also be used to decorate walkways, and small water fountains can add to the Hawaiian flare. Coconuts and pineapple can also be used for decoration, and then cut open for guests to eat.

Aloha baby shower games can involve bobbing for fruits or tossing flowers into fountains. Make up your own aloha baby shower games to create original and fun games to break the ice and have fun with your guests! Don’t be afraid to get creative and think fun!

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Hawaiian Baby Shower Theme – Aloha