Are you planning a baby shower during the month of October? If so, you’re in luck! What better way to celebrate the season than by throwing a Halloween themed baby shower? Impress your guests by hosting a Bewitching Baby Bash.

Decorating for this bewitching bash should be a cinch. During the month of October your local craft, dollar and costume store will be brimming with Halloween décor. For those interested in making some unique, inexpensive embellishments, here are a few ideas. For a centerpiece, buy a large Styrofoam cone from the craft store and cover it with black or purple Halloween fabric. You can use quilt batting underneath the fabric to give the witch’s hat some thickness. Affix the fabric and batting with straight pins or staples. Cut coordinating colors of tulle to make the brim of the hat and use straight pins to attach. Use candelabras with black candles or large black pillar candles on decorative pedestals to add some spookiness. Buy some black cauldrons at your local dollar store, fill them with goodies and place them around the room.

Be sure to serve your guest a variety of wonderfully wicked treats. Make frightening fingers with sugar cookie dough rolled into the shape of a finger, slivered almonds for the finger tips and red decorating gel for the nail “glue.” Make bewitching ice cream cones that look like a witch’s face by using mint ice cream and chocolate ice cream cones for the hat. Decorate the face and hair with chocolate chips, candy corn and thin black licorice.

Remember the television series “Bewitched?” Make trivia questions and divide your guests into teams. The winner takes home fragrant bath salts in a clear jar labeled “witches brew.” Hope your shower is frightfully fun!

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Halloween Baby Shower Idea – Bewitching Baby Bash