Because a baby shower consist of a number of different activities, games are important when it comes to planning the baby shower because who is planning the event is who will pay all the costs, including prizes. Co-host is a good and affordable solution when the budget is a problem to offer great baby shower prizes and the co-host is generous enough to cover this aspect of the event.

Having a budget allows you to know how much money you may spend on prizes and if each game will have one prize accordingly to the degree of difficulty or just to give a variety of them. However, baby shower prizes should be small and inexpensive gifts to reward the enthusiasm of your guests. Great baby shower prizes may include scented candles, special fragrant soaps, hand or body lotions or even small hand-made gifts.

You can even give the mother-to-be a great gift by placing a piggy bank in the area where the games will be held, and make the games trivia-like so when a guests gives a wrong answer he/she must put money in the piggy bank. If the answer is right receiving casino-like chips exchangeable for great baby shower prizes at the end of the event, and giving the new parents the piggy bank from all the guests as a present for their baby’s first bank account.

Of course, you must select in advance a variety of baby shower prizes and set a symbolic prize for them. This way the guests may put a dollar in the piggy bank for each wrong answer and receive a one thousand chip to get a prize with a symbolic value of a million.

Among the many different great baby shower prizes, consider the following ideas, although prizes are not an obligation and people may enjoy the same with the baby shower games even when there are not prizes involved. Giving them makes the difference by having a fun reward that may be kept simple like giving scented votive candles, a blank journal or blank note cards, gift soaps, bath treats, or a potpourri of aromatic herbs.

Guests can receive a special token by getting small baskets, vases, a small picture frame, a candy jar, or a box of fancy chocolates. Other great baby shower prizes include disposable cameras or instant cameras, customized T-shirt or a personal mini-cake to take home. However if you cannot stretch your budget to cover the cost of the prizes, order thank you notes from the card shop, or make them by hand yourself. The important thing is to have fun to give the mother-to-be an enjoyable evening.

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Great Baby Shower Prizes