Baby shower favors are a great way to end the shower and thank your guests for attending this special baby event. This way your guests will have something to remember the party by. They can look at these party favors, if they are not edible, at a later date and reflect on the great time they remember having with all of their friends and, of course, the mom that was to be.

You may buy baby shower party favors, but making these favors may provide a stronger sentiment. You can bake cookies or chocolates in the shapes of baby items. These items include bottles, safety pins, or rattles. You can decorate picture frames with bubble paint saying, “Here are me and the mommy to be”. Place a nice picture of one guest and the mom to be in that particular frame. Do this for all of your guests. Consider buying candles and wrapping each one with a blue or pink ribbon, depending on if the new baby will be a girl or a boy. Buy mini baby bottles, available at most retail stores, and write the mom’s name and the date of the shower on the bottle with bubble paint. Use baby style stickers to decorate the baby bottle. Fill each bottle with white lotion to resemble milk and hand these out to each of your guests. Magnets in the shapes of babies or baby items can also be handed out to celebrate this special day.

Baby shower party favors can also be a part of the game playing. If you decide to have games at the baby shower you are planning, consider having party favors as the prizes. For these favors, have them wrapped in pink or blue boxes. Buy first place ribbons that are to be awarded to each winner of the baby games. Soap, bubble bath, bath salt sets or tiny flower arrangements can also be awarded as favors. At the end of the shower have pink or blue confetti ready for each guest to throw around in honor of the new mom to be. This is her first celebration of the new little life she is about to bring into the world.

Baby shower party favors are a great way to end the baby shower. They can be personalized little gifts or store bought ones. Either way your guest will feel like they were a part of the festivities and will be so glad that they attended the baby shower.

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Great Baby Shower Favors You Can Make