Baby girls on the way will surely be the princesses of the family, so why not base the baby shower on this theme? Princess themes can be a lot of fun and really easy to plan and decorate for as well. So if you are in charge of planning a baby shower for a little girl on the way then consider a Princess theme.

Royal decorations are best with the base color being purple to really bring out the royal theme. Then, you can either make up your own princess type decorations or go with the Disney Princess theme, which has all of the famous princesses from all of the movies. If you decide to go with a generic princess theme then you can buy plates and napkins that say princess and simply decorate with purple balloons, streamers, and of course a princess cake. If you choose the Disney Princess option then you can buy plates, napkins and streamers that are already imprinted with the Princesses. Whatever you choose make sure you have plenty of crowns for all of the guests to wear.

A fun game that can be played for a Princess baby shower is a trivia game based on all the famous princesses of the world. Generally, women follow information on princesses so this will be a fun game to play. Use information on Princess Fergie, Princess Di, and other famous princesses in recent history and just have fun with this Princess of a baby shower. The winner or winners should receive a scepter, royal robe, and crown to really be a princess for the day.

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Girl Baby Shower Theme – Princesses