A baby shower is a wonderful celebration for the mother-to-be to experience. The hostess who is preparing the baby shower may wonder what theme to go with for a mother-to-be who does not yet know the sex of the baby. One such theme that may be perfect for a shower of this type is a jungle theme.

Decorating with Style

Whether the hostess wants to go with a pastel jungle theme or an original jungle theme with vibrant colors such as reds, greens and yellows, there is so much one can do in the way of decorations. For the table setting, the hostess can use tablecloths in a variety of colors, depending upon her chosen color scheme, and alternate the colors throughout the room. Floral centerpieces that grace the middle of each table can bring out the jungle theme by having little monkeys, lions and elephants set in the middle thereof. No baby shower would really be a party without the addition of balloons throughout the room. The hostess may most likely be able to purchase Mylar balloons that have jungle animals on them. As a finishing touch, the hostess may want to get a beautiful baby shower cake with different jungle animal designs set in the icing.

Games for Baby Shower Fun

Baby showers are a wonderful time to celebrate and also have fun in the process. Playing games during the shower is a great way for guests to mingle, enjoy themselves and maybe bring home a nice prize as well. One particular game that might fit the jungle theme perfectly is the Baby Animal Match Game. Prior to the shower, the hostess will prepare a sheet with two columns. The first column will have names of baby jungle animals in it and the other will have the proper names of their mothers randomly listed in the second column. The object of the game is to see how many correctly match the baby to the mother. The one who gets the most items correct wins a prize.

Using a jungle theme for a baby shower is a great way to decorate for a mom-to-be who is waiting until delivery to find out if it will be a boy or a girl.

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Baby Shower Theme for Boy or Girl – Jungle Theme