Even with the ultrasound technology these days, many mothers-to-be are still choosing to wait until their baby is born to find out the gender. This may make the hostess of a baby shower wonder what type of theme to go with if she cannot do either primary baby girl or baby boy themes. One theme in particular, which is perfect for the guest of honor who may be having either a boy or a girl, is the teddy bear theme.

Terrific Teddy Bear Decorations

Decorations, which have teddy bears incorporated within them, are quite easy to come by and the selection is one of great variety. Some fun teddy bear decorating ideas include bear balloons, a bear cake and cake plates with teddy bears on them. As for colors for a theme of this type, pastel yellows and greens are quite pleasant and will look wonderful against the teddy bear decorations that are placed strategically throughout the room. The yellow and green color scheme is perfect for the mom-to-be who is awaiting the arrival of either a little boy or little girl.

Games with a Teddy Bear Twist

There are ways in which the hostess can tailor the games to the teddy bear theme as well. One fun game is called Teddy Bear Names. The hostess will prepare a sheet of paper that has the word teddy bear listed vertically down the paper with two blanks next to each letter. The object of this game is for the guests to think of a boy and girl name, which begins with each letter, contained in the word teddy bear. For example, T = ______ and _______can be Timothy and Tara or Thomas and Tracy, and so on. After all of the blanks are filled in after each letter of the word teddy bear, the mother-to-be will read off her answers and those guests who have the most names in common with the guest of honor win a prize.

Baby showers with a teddy bear theme are not only cute but they are also appropriate for either a baby boy or baby girl as well.

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Baby Shower Idea for Boy or Girl – Teddy Bears