What better way to announce the throwing of a baby shower than by sending out stork invitations? Nothing says, “baby on the way” more than a picture of a stork. In keeping with the initial stork theme, the hostess can go even further by having the entire baby shower centered around a theme of this sort.

Stork-related Decorations

Using a stork theme for a baby shower is not only appropriate but gender neutral as well. A great way to bring out the stork theme is by having ceramic stork centerpieces for the middle of each table. Additionally, party favors such as stork holders with candy inside them are a nice thing for the guests to take home with them. Colors such as blue, pink and yellow can be used to decorate the room and will go nicely with all of the decorative stork features. The hostess will usually be able to find a lot of decorations hosting a stork theme as it is widely appreciated as a baby shower insignia.

Games That Incorporate the Stork Theme

The hostess may wish to choose games that have a stork theme incorporated within them or she may want to play the usual baby shower games yet have stork-related prizes be given out instead. One game that can be played at a stork baby shower is the clothespin game. When guests arrive at the shower they are each given a clothespin to stick somewhere on themselves. Anyone who says the word “stork” throughout the baby shower gets their clothespin taken away by the person who heard it uttered. At the end of the shower, all of the guests tally up their clothespins and the one with the most clothespins wins a prize.

A stork related baby shower is a wonderful way to get the mother-to-be in the mood for the new little arrival, whether boy or girl, that is on the way.

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Baby Shower Idea for Boy or Girl – Stork Theme