When a hostess is in the planning stage in preparing for a baby shower, she may be faced with a temporary dilemma when trying to plan a party for the guest of honor who doesn’t know whether she is having a boy or a girl. One easy fix is to choose a unisex theme. One theme in particular that is good for either a boy or girl is the Precious Moments theme.

Precious Moments Decorations

There are so many options for the hostess when decorating with this type of theme in mind. From plates to invitations, Precious Moments decorations are everywhere, which is very convenient. However, although this type of theme is popular, it is very easy for the hostess to still throw a party that is highly original. Colors such as blues, purples, pinks and yellows can be used to decorate the room. A great idea with regard to decorations is to drape each table with a different color tablecloth. This really brings out the various colors and looks extremely inviting to the guest of honor and guests who walk into the room. A baby shower cake with a ceramic Precious Moments figurine is a wonderful thing to have as the mother-to-be can take home the figurine as a keepsake baby shower item after the party. Some wonderful party favor ideas may include votive candleholders or small ceramic figurines filled with candy, all with the Precious Moments motif, of course.

Games That Stay With the Precious Moments Theme

The best way to stay with the Precious Moments theme is to play some of the usual baby shower games yet award Precious Moments prizes. One fun game to play at baby showers is Baby Trivia. This game can be purchased online from a number of retailers or constructed by the hostess with a little independent research. It is a multiple choice game whereby the hostess will ask a number of questions related to pregnancy and childbirth and the guests will have to supply the answers. The guest with the most correct answers wins a Precious Moments prize, such as a photo album or stationary with that theme.

Precious Moments, although used frequently as a baby shower theme, is one which can be unique and individual for the expectant mother of a little boy or little girl.

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Gender Neutral Baby Shower Idea – Precious Moments Theme