The Noah’s Ark theme is often used at baby showers, which are thrown for expectant moms who do not yet know the sex of their child. The theme incorporates pastel colors such as blue, pink, green and yellow and is a perfect type of theme for either a boy or a girl. There are many ways to decorate a shower with a theme of this type that is unique in its own right.

Decorating in a Unique Noah’s Ark Style

Although the Noah’s Ark theme is one that is frequently used for baby showers, it is also one that has so many possibilities that each shower thrown with this theme in mind is unique and individual in its own way. There are a number of Noah’s Ark invitations available and the hostess is sure to make the perfect choice. The room in which the baby shower will be held can be decorated using a variety of pastel colors and can have a number of various Noah’s Ark decorations incorporated within it. Noah’s Ark party favors are especially appropriate for take-home gifts for the guests and may consist of resin magnets, candleholders or small ceramic picture frames, all with the Noah’s Ark theme. Noah’s Ark balloons and baby shower cakes are also available for the hostess to purchase which really round out the Noah’s Ark theme.

Baby Shower Games with Noah’s Ark Prizes

There are a number of baby shower games, which can be played at the party. The best way to stay with the theme is to have the winners take home Noah’s Ark prizes. A fun game to play at a baby shower is Baby Shower Bingo. The hostess will prepare bingo cards where all the spaces are blank except for the middle space, which has BABY, marked therein. The guests will have to fill in the empty spaces with gifts they think the mother-to-be may receive. Every time the mother-to-be gets a gift that is listed on the board, the guest will cross that one out. When the guest gets a vertical, horizontal or diagonal bingo, they have to yell BINGO. The winner gets a prize such as a Noah’s Ark potpourri holder or Noah’s Ark calendar, just to name a few examples.

Noah’s Ark is a wonderfully appropriate baby shower theme for either a baby boy or baby girl.

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Shower Idea for Boy or Girl – Noah’s Ark Theme