For the hostess looking for an appropriate gender-neutral baby shower theme, one such theme that may be perfectly suited for an occasion of this type is the cherub theme. These chubby little angels are a perfect way to decorate for either a little girl or little boy who is on the way.

Cherubic Decorations

When one sees a cherub, they automatically think of little babies. For this reason, decorating using a cherub theme is quite appropriate. The color scheme used for a baby shower of this type can be pastel blues and pinks with a little yellow thrown into the mix, this way both sides of the gender spectrum are covered. Streamers and balloons with these colors will visually please the guests and mother-to-be who walk into the room. On each of the tables, the hostess may want to put party favors such as cherub votive holders with pastel candles in them at each place setting. This is a wonderful way to stick with the grand scheme of things. A cherub cake will also nicely tie everything together.

Party Games with a Twist

If the hostess wishes to stay with the cherub theme from beginning to end, she may also choose to have games either where cherubs are the theme or prizes involving cherubs are distributed to the winners. One game that can be played which ties in with the cherub theme is to have a word scramble using words associated with cherub, such as angel, cloud, etc. The winner is the guest who has the most correct answers at the end of the game. Should the hostess choose to play another type of game, such as Baby Shower Bingo, why not have the gift be a cherub figurine or a book about angels, for example.

The cherub baby shower theme is one that is suitable for either a boy or a girl who is about to enter into the world.

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Baby Shower Theme for Boy or Girl – Cherub Theme