A frog baby shower theme can be especially cute because there are a lot of fun things that can be done with frogs. If one of the parents really likes frogs, the frog theme is definitely the way to go.

The first thing you’ll want to do is go to your party supply store and pick up some frog decorations. Frogs are actually quite popular and you’ll find that many party stores carry a huge selection of frog and other reptile related supplies. Think about finding or making lily pads to act as place mats or napkins to keep with your theme. You’ll be able to choose from realistic looking frogs and cute frogs, cute frogs might be nice for your baby shower. You’ll also want to choose shower favors for each of your guests. Chocolate shaped like frogs might be fun, stuffed frogs, or anything else frog related will make your guests smile.

A frog shaped cake is a great idea as well and will gain the admiration of all the guests. You can usually find cake molds for just about everything online, or get with a baker in your area that can help you create an awesome frog shaped or frog inspired cake. A frog cake will allow you to keep with your theme and also have something delicious to eat! However, if you can’t get a frog cake you can always buy or make cake squares and have small frogs made of green icings or frogs on a stick that you just push into the cake. Regardless, your frog theme will be perfected with a frog cake or cake squares.

A game of leapfrog might be fun at the baby shower party, and it will also allow for you to keep with the frog theme. You don’t have to go overboard with the frog theme, but do have some fun with it and your guests and the mom-to-be will thank you for it!

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Frog Baby Shower Theme – Hopping Along Into Parenthood