If your mom-to-be is a Christian, it may be fun to include some Bible-based shower games for her baby shower. A few ideas are listed below:

“Name that Bible Character” is a fun game that can last the entire shower. Before the party, make small pieces of paper with the names of Biblical characters (such as Moses, Esther, St. Paul). As each guest arrives, pin a name to their back. Their job is to figure out who they are. They can ask each other guest just 3 questions, and they cannot ask a question like “who am I.” The questions must be able to have a “yes” or a “no” answer. When you give instructions, give them some sample questions such as “Am I male or female?” and “Do I appear in the Old Testament?” The first person to guess who they are wins a door prize.

“Moses in the Basket” can be a fun game as well. For this game, you will need to make one “basket” for each guest out of a napkin or a piece of white cloth. Inside one of them, place a piece of picture with the word “Moses” on it. At one point during the shower, ask your guests to all open their baskets. The one who has “Moses” wins. Instead of a piece of paper, you can use a baby figurine, or even a small, plastic “cake-topper” type baby. You may be able to find one of these at a craft store.

There is a fun variation that that some people have used on this game. If someone says the word “baby” during the shower, the first person to catch them gets to keep their basket or baskets. At the end of the party, give two door prizes: one for the person with the most baskets, and one for the person with the Moses.

An Advice book is a Baby Shower gift that the mom-to-be will treasure forever. Set a book with blank pages (these can be purchased at any gift or card store) out on a table or a counter. Let each of the guests know as they arrive that the book is there for them to each put their own pearl of wisdom into, along with their favorite scripture verse. Leave the book out throughout the whole party so that everyone has a chance to write in it.

Bible Charades or Pictionary. This is just like regular charades or Pictionary, but the “answer” should be a Bible character or some other Biblical reference, such as “Moses parting the red sea” “loaves and fishes” or “the Children of Israel.

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Free Bible Baby Shower Games