New moms and dads are very conscious about creating an environment of learning for their new additions to the family. Why not start a little early gathering learning toys and tips for the little one by having a Baby Learns Shower. Decorate the shower location in all primary colors, red napkins, blue plates and yellow streamers. Use building blocks as accents around centerpieces of small potted plants.

On the shower invitation, tell your guests to bring their own crayons and markers to the shower; they will need them for a shower activity. The shower organizer should buy several coloring books for the event. During the shower, have a coloring contest. The best and most creative coloring job gets a special prize from the shower planner. For gifts, ask each guest to bring their favorite childhood book or game to the shower. The childhood books will create the child’s first library and the games are great for a game room. The new parents will have an array of diverse books and games to teach the baby new skills after he or she is born. Other good gift ideas for the Baby Learns Shower include learning videos and books, counting and alphabet books, building blocks, music and educational toys. After the gifts, take out some of the childhood games and play!

Instead of cake, serve fun cupcakes with icing and sprinkles, just like a child’s birthday party. Also, when deciding on food for this shower, think fun kid foods adults might not eat ordinarily like grilled cheeses, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and alphabet shaped cookies.

The new parents will be ahead of the game in gathering educational tools to teach their child. Plus, you will have fun shower, and all of the guests can feel like kids again, playing games and sharing their favorite childhood books with the new parents.

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Educational Baby Shower Idea — Baby Learns