The “dirty diaper baby” game is a shower game that has been used for many years. The basic game goes like this:

1. For each guest, fold a small white napkin or a small white square of fabric into a diaper shape.

2. Fasten each diaper with a diaper pin.

3. Place an opened chocolate kiss or other piece of chocolate into one of them.

4. As your guests arrive, give each one of them a diaper.

5. Instruct your guests that one of the diapers may be dirty, and once everyone arrives they will have to change it.

6. Later, during the shower, have everyone open their diapers together. The one who has the chocolate kiss wins a door prize.

There are variations that some people have used on this game. The melted chocolate is sometimes too much, so some people choose to just write “dirty” on one of the napkins, or on a piece of paper stuffed into one of the napkins.

In another variation of this game, guests can increase their chances of having the dirty diaper. If someone says the word “baby” during the shower, the first person to catch them gets to keep their diaper or diapers. At the end of the party, give two door prizes: one for the person with the most diapers, and one for the person with the “dirty” diaper.

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Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game