The mom to be is not the only one who can have a baby shower. These days’ dads are becoming more and more involved in the baby shower process. This can involve a couples baby shower or dad only baby showers. Involve that new dad; don’t leave him out of all the fun and celebration.

For a new dads only baby shower, create a guest list of all of his friends. Just because it is a baby shower that does not mean that, his single guy friends should not be involved. Of course, you should invite all the dads that he knows, including his father and his wife’s father. Make sure the invitations are of a masculine nature. The same information goes on these, including the date, time, and place for the big event. Just use very little pink on these invitations. For the baby shower gifts, have the invited guests bring gifts that they find useful as fathers. For the non-father guests, they can bring whatever they know that the new dad likes. He should be celebrated on this day too.

Baby shower favors at a dad’s only baby shower should be kept gender specific. Buy that new dad to be a masculine looking diaper bag. This way dad will feel more comfortable when toting around the new baby. Also for a dad’s only baby shower, have a backyard barbecue, if the weather permits. This lets the men have some quality baby time while cooking over an open flame. No frilly, laced decorations are needed here. Traditional themes for a baby shower may be too pastel colored for that brand new father to be. If his new bundle of joy is going to be a girl, do decorate accordingly. Disney characters or a rubber ducky theme can be used to celebrate a new baby girl without overloading that new father with too much pink. Have balloons at the shower. You can get them custom made with “Daddy and me” or “daddy and the baby’s name”, if this applies, printed on each balloon. Think outside the color box with each balloon. Pink and blue are not the only colors out there.

The new father to be is just as important as the new mom. His baby shower can be just as fun and can help dad get into the new baby spirit. This is a great way for the new father to get advice from the fathers he knows and to get gifts that he can use with the new bundle of joy.

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Dad Only Baby Showers – Tips For Planning a Successful Baby Shower