There are endless possibilities and plenty of room for creativity when it comes to the baby shower invitation. Baby shower invitations can be hand made or purchased from a card shop or online. They can be very inexpensive to extravagant. Generally people tend to go to the closest card simply out of convenience. There is a huge selection to choose from in the way of baby shower invitations and certainly something out there for every theme imaginable. It is a great idea to tie in the baby shower invitation to the theme of the shower.

Below are several ideas for very cute and adorable baby shower invitations:

SIMPLE: One idea, use card stock paper at the craft stores and makes your own for just a few pennies each. You could hot glue or pin baby diaper pins on the cards to dress them up.

T-SHIRT: Another idea for cost saving but very creative invitations involves using inexpensive bibs or baby t-shirts and write the invitation on them with a colorful marker, roll them up, tie them off with a ribbon for a very original baby invitation.

DIAPER: Another great idea that is relatively inexpensive and works when you need to invite several guests involves creating hand made invitations using plain picnic napkins. They come in like 500 in a case and they are simply folded them into triangular diapers and then fastened with safety pins. They are then dipped into colored paraffin wax. Once they were dried the invitation is written on just a plain slip of paper, placed inside the baby diaper with just a portion peeking out. Those would also be a great thing to include as a favor.

BABY BIB: make a baby shower invitation in the shape of a bib!

BABY BOTTLE: make the baby shower invitation in the shape of a baby bottle or decorate the edges with baby bottle stickers or drawings.

BABY DUCKS: Use adorable duck invitations and have little ducks decorating the tables and floating in the punch.

BABY RATTLE: make a baby shower invitation in the shape of a baby rattle. This is a classic idea which is perfect for baby boys and girls.

BABY PEA POD: This invitation is adorable for a baby shower for twins!

IT’S A BOY: – use baby blue, blue checks, or even bugs to announce the new arrival!

IT’S A GIRL: use pink, ribbons and bows for the baby shower invitation of a new baby girl.

RED WAGON: – cute baby shower invitation for a baby boy.

NOAH’S ARK: Perfect for the baby shower for twins.

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Cute Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations