Someone once said that adoption was not about finding children a home, but instead finding a home for the children. A baby shower is a wonderful way to help new parents welcome their adopted child. Baby showers are for every baby and certainly a reason for celebration!

Chances are that the new parents of an adopted child still have the same exact needs of any other new parents. Due to the uncertainty with adoption or unforeseen lengthy paperwork or delays, be sure not to host the baby shower too early. Before planning the baby shower, talk with the adoptive mom about her wishes for the baby shower, items she needs for the baby as well as her guest list. It is perfectly acceptable for the adoptive parents to register for baby gifts, just as any other new parent might. Many times adoptions happens so fast that there may not be time to plan before the birth for a baby shower, in which case a shower after the birth would be fitting. This is a wonderful way to meet the new baby and share in the new parent’s joy!

Adoption is such a special event and planning of a baby shower would be much the same as any other birth. There are many birth announcements available to announce the birth and addition to a family thru adoption that are simply precious! Many times the parents have waited so long for this momentous occasion, they might be in total disbelief their dream is coming true. It’s a wonderful idea to have someone who is close to the adoptive couple to document the journey throughout the adoption process. In addition, be sure and have the baby shower video taped and present the video to the adoptive parents! There are many children’s books available that discuss adoption on a child’s level. These are very touching, thoughtful and welcome gifts to give to the new parents for their baby’s book library. All the small things such as this, is sure to make the parents-to-be feel extra special!

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Considerations For a Baby Shower for an Adopted Baby