Just about everyone had a wacky idea of where babies come from when they were a kid, and if they didn’t they know of some silly ideas that a friend, cousin, or sibling had. These wacky ideas can make for a great baby shower game for sure. Where Do Babies Come From is a great way to start your baby shower as it will get everyone relaxed, laughing, and able to open up to having a good time.

How To Get The Laughs Started
You’ll really only need scraps of paper and a pencil for each of your guest, the more the merrier for this gut busting game. Instruct each of your party guests to write on a piece of paper where they thought babies came from when they were little. Then, instruct each of your party guests to read their answer to the question of where the little guys and girls come from. It’s inevitable; every guest will be laughing by the time each shower guest has read his or her story!

To make the game even more fun, each of the ideas can be put into a bowl or container of some sort. Then, the expectant parents can read each idea aloud to the other party guests who will then have to guess who wrote what. The person with the funniest or most outlandish idea of where babies come from will win a prize! This is a simple game that takes almost nothing to play, but will leave a lasting impression on each guest!

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Coed Baby Shower Game: Where Do Babies Come From?