Most people don’t go to a baby shower assuming that they’ll have to use their brain a little bit, but when you incorporate a crossword puzzle they’ll have to do just that. A crossword puzzle can be a great icebreaker, and a simple way to have everyone earn a baby shower prize.

Make It Original
There are many websites dedicated to helping you create a professional looking crossword puzzle. You can simply input the clues and it will create it for you. Your clues will be what make your crossword unique. Think of using all types of things such as experiences of mom or dad, the day you announced your pregnancy, and even what your chosen names are for the baby. You’ll really test your friends and family, and you’ll know who has been paying attention and who has not. The individual that finished the crossword first will win the game!

Make It A Team Sport
A fun variation of the crossword is to blow them up to poster size and group your friends and family into even numbered teams, as this can be played with any number of people. Then, allow your teams to tackle the crossword, the team with the fastest time will win the game and the prize.

The great thing about a crossword puzzle is that it can be as simple or as difficult as you would like. Since you can input any questions you have complete control, your friends and family just need to come with the answers! Your baby shower guests will love this crossword puzzle and will compete to win.

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Coed Baby Shower Game: What’s The Cross Word?