Baby shower games that get people laughing are often the best ones because they don’t feel overly silly, but they break the ice and allow everyone to have a good time.

A lot of the time just asking your shower guests to share information or ideas on certain topics will get the laughter started so that you can segue into more classic baby shower games, or ones that are a bit cheesy.

Playing What To Do When The Baby Won’t Sleep will give mom and dad good, or even humorous ideas of what they can do during those sleepless nights. People who have children will be able to give you tips on what you should or shouldn’t do based on their experience, those who do not yet have children will make you laugh too because they just have no idea.

You’ll simply need to give each person a scrap of paper and something to write with for this game. Then you can collect the pieces of paper and read the ideas out loud to the rest of the group. Some of the ideas will be quite funny, in fact you should encourage people to get silly if they want to. The person with the best idea will be given a gift, and maybe you can ensure that you’ll call them on your first sleepless night for more good ideas!

This is a simple game that will get shower guests warmed up to have a little fun. Baby shower games don’t have to be cheesy; instead they can be humorous and good, clean fun.

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Coed Baby Shower Game: What To Do When Baby Won’t Sleep