Tips for Creating a Great Baby Shower Scrapbook

At a baby shower, pictures and presents go hand in hand. A baby shower scrapbook is a great way of capturing these special memories. The new mom to be will love having a scrapbook designed for her by her dedicated party host, devoted friends, and family. This beautifully designed scrapbook is then dedicated to the mom to be and the new bundle of joy that will be arriving any day now. Everyone can enjoy this perfect addition to any baby shower.

The Pros And Cons Of Throwing A Surprise Baby Shower

Every mom to be is deserving of a baby shower in her honor. A baby shower that she knows about may be better if she dislikes surprises. If she wants a baby shower, one that she knows about will give the mom to be control over what goes on at her own get together. The surprise shower can also be an option. This type of shower is a lot of fun to plan and even more fun to keep a secret.