Baby Shower Ideas

Nursery Rhyme Theme

Nursery rhymes naturally lend themselves to baby shower themes. Truly, who doesn’t have a favorite nursery rhyme that baby can enjoy? Pick up a book and revisit those nursery rhymes, find one you like and use it as an inspiration for your invitations, decorations, games and even appetizers! For example, do you remember “Hey diddle

Baby Shower Theme – Fall Leaves and Gourds

The fall is a wonderful time to have a party, especially one which celebrates the forthcoming arrival of a new baby boy or girl. When a hostess is trying to come up with an appropriate theme for a baby shower yet does not want to go with the usual themes, a baby shower theme which

Baby Shower Theme – Spring Tulips

There is arguably nothing more refreshing and beautiful during the springtime than the arrival of the tulips in one’s garden. Tulips just seem to symbolize spring. For the hostess looking to throw a baby shower for a mom-to-be in the springtime, a tulip-themed celebration may just be the perfect thing to have. Decorating with Tulips

Baby Shower Theme – Navy

Many men and women are in the Navy, so for those moms-to-be that are either enlisted, or their husbands are a great baby shower theme is the Navy. With this theme you can incorporate the color as well as the branch of the armed forces. There are so many creative things you can do with

Baby Shower Theme – Tonka Truck Theme

The hostess who is throwing a baby shower has a very important job. As part of this job, the hostess must choose a theme which is perfect for the mother-to-be. If the guest of honor is having a baby boy, what better theme to use for this occasion than one which typifies boys and that

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