Baby Shower Games

Coed Baby Shower Game: What’s The Cross Word?

Most people don’t go to a baby shower assuming that they’ll have to use their brain a little bit, but when you incorporate a crossword puzzle they’ll have to do just that. A crossword puzzle can be a great icebreaker, and a simple way to have everyone earn a baby shower prize. Make It Original

Baby Shower Game – What Does It Do?

Get everyone wondering and joking as they try to guess the function of the most unusual baby items. This is especially fun when husbands and fathers are involved, and you may want to have it be a game only for the men at your co-ed party. You will really have to think to come up

Baby Shower Game For Women: Baby Fashion Designer

Even if you do not want to play the corny games usually associated with baby showers, there are many activities that you can turn into games. Women like babies and they like fashion so why not combine the two for a lot of unique baby shower fun? Baby Fashion Designer is a game that every

Coed Baby Shower Game: Where Do Babies Come From?

Just about everyone had a wacky idea of where babies come from when they were a kid, and if they didn’t they know of some silly ideas that a friend, cousin, or sibling had. These wacky ideas can make for a great baby shower game for sure. Where Do Babies Come From is a great

Baby Shower Game – Deadly Squeeze

This is a fun take on the Murder game where hand squeezing instead of winking is what kills you. If you are the murderer and kill everyone before they find out who you are, then you win. If the rest of the group finds you first, the team wins. All of the players need to

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