Every baby deserves a baby shower, whether it is the first or third baby in a family. Traditionally, parents are given baby showers with the first baby which helps the new family get on their feet with their new family. Having a second or third child however might mean that the family does not need every thing new, it is still nice to have a few new things just for the new addition. By indicating on the baby invitations that this is a celebration shower and that no larger items are needed or by registering for only the items the parents need is very helpful. Consider throwing a theme shower such as bath-time, books for baby or if the sex of the baby is known, concentrate on items specific for that gender. It might be that there is a long gap between children, in which case, the parents may not have any items.

It’s also important to remember the other children within the family and is would be thoughtful to include a little small gift for them as well. This will make theme feel important and special and more willing to accept the new addition with open arms.

Baby showers are about celebrating with a family the arrival of their newest addition. Each child is as individual as the other. By throwing a baby shower for each child and having wonderful pictures and video to document, will surely provide the beginnings of a very warm welcome for the new baby.

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