Traditionally the baby shower is held 4-6 weeks prior to baby’s arrival. It is becoming more common for parents to wait until after the baby is born. Some mothers simply do not feel like having a shower or being put center of attention when their tummy has grown and they are uncomfortable. Emotions are running high toward the end of the pregnancy, and some mothers simply prefer to wait until their little one arrives so that they can enjoy the festivities.

If holding the baby shower after the baby is born, family and friends can shower it in gifts that are gender specific, can purchase engraved items or personalized gifts. If the shower is to be held after the birth of the baby, it should be 4-6 weeks after the birth depending on how the mom-to-be feels. The baby shower invitations can introduce the baby, but should not take the place of the formal baby announcements. By holding the baby shower after the baby is born, the mother can engage in more activities, eat what she wants and share her experience with the guests. Depending on who is in attendance or how quaint the shower, the mother may wish to share clips from the birth, video bringing the baby home, its first bath, etc. Once the baby has arrived, a unique and very thoughtful gift would be that of a certificate of childcare. By offering to come sit with the baby for a short time to allow the new mom an hour or two to get her nails done, or lunch with dad, or just some time she can call her own, would be one of the most thoughtful and appreciated gifts. Often after the baby has been born, the parents also get a ‘reality check’ for the things they use and need. They might see that they prefer the soft comfy gowns to all those dress up clothes due to the ease and functionality with a new born. They might decide that there is no such thing as having too many burp clothes or diaper changing mats.

As you can see, there is no good or bad time to have a baby shower. Having a baby shower after the arrival has just as many advantages with the major being everyone getting to welcome baby personally! Everyone will want to hold the baby. Some new parents will be fine with this, some might be paranoid. If you are comfortable with having your baby held and adored be sure to have a bottle of germ hand wash close by to encourage guests to make sure their hands are nice and clean before holding the baby. If the parents prefer the baby not to be passed around, they could have baby present, but laying in a bassinette close by. Whether the baby shower is held before or after the birth of the baby, the parents are sure to feel special.

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Can you have a baby shower after the baby is born?