A great baby shower theme is “Let’s Go Hunting” if the father or even both parents are really big fans of hunting. You can really get into this theme and have fun decorating the baby shower for the “Let’s Go Hunting” baby shower. This theme can be used for a baby boy and be a lot of fun.

When decorating for your Let’s Go Hunting baby shower you should be sure to buy plates, napkins, cups, even tablecloths in camouflage. You can have some green plants on the table and around the reception area to add to the decoration. While guns are not really the best decoration for a baby shower you should avoid these, but pictures of ducks, geese, bear, deer, rabbits and other popular wildlife one might hunt can be used to decorate as well.

For refreshments at your Let’s Go Hunting baby shower you can serve normal baby shower fare like cake squares, mints, finger sandwiches, or you could really emphasize the hunting theme and have dried venison and other similar foods. It is completely up to you.

A great game to play at a Let’s Go Hunting baby shower is naming that animal. While this will be fairly obvious for some animals it can get more difficult. Simply print or buy photos of a variety of different animals that one might hunt from deer and dove to squirrels and bears and then make flash cards. Then, each participant will have to respond with the correct name of the animal once the flashcard is shown and she will be timed. So, whoever has the most correct and the fastest time wins a camouflage t-shirt, stuffed animal or any other gift you feel is appropriate.

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Boys Baby Shower Theme – Let’s Go Hunting!