Nothing says little boy on the way more than a baby shower which has a truck theme. Fire trucks, dump trucks, big rig trucks and more are what little boys love so why not get the mom-to-be in the spirit by hosting a party with this type of theme.

Ways to Decorate and Bring Out the Truck Theme

Some baby shower hosts may be hesitant to have a theme of a baby shower so boyish and are afraid to shy away from the pretty balloons and crepe paper decorations; however, there are ways to decorate and keep this theme in mind while still having a beautiful baby shower. Having subtle overtones with the truck theme inlaid within them is completely possible. Why not decorate the tables with beautiful floral bouquets and votive candles yet have candle holders be in the shapes of different trucks or have toy trucks placed nicely around the table. There is nothing to say that the theme has to be overdone but just be sure to keep with the colors that go with the trucks which are placed around the baby shower area.

Another tasteful way to decorate a baby shower using a truck theme is to have a beautiful cake in the shape of a truck. One may wish to place balloons with trucks on them around the room in which the baby shower is being held. These are just some examples of how the truck theme can be brought out in a baby shower yet still be feminine for the women attending.

Fun Truck-Related Baby Shower Games

There are a number of ways to include the truck theme in the shower games. One fun game that can be played is to hand out sheets of paper with various types of trucks listed from 1 to 10 or 1 to 20, depending on how many the hostess can think up. Various truck types such as Fire truck, Garbage truck, Semi-truck, etc. can be used. The hostess will then ask the participants, including the guest of honor, to go down each number and think of a boy’s name that begins with the first letter of the truck listed under that number. For example, one could choose the name Frank for the F in Fire truck. Once all of the numbers are completed, the hostess will then take the mother-to-be’s paper and call out which names she chose for each one. The baby shower participant with the most answers that match the names the mother-to-be chose wins. The hostess can also have 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes for the runners-up.

A truck theme is a great way to get the guest of honor excited for the arrival of her little boy.

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Boy Baby Shower Theme – Trucks, Trucks and More Trucks