If a hostess of a baby shower wants to supply a theme for the party which is pleasing to the eye, yet still have a little boyish tinge to it, then a jungle theme is the perfect thing. By having a jungle theme for the baby shower, the hostess is able to incorporate a fun and festive atmosphere while keeping it nice for the women attending.

Wild Decorations for this Jungle Theme

When going with a jungle theme, it doesn’t have to be deep, dark colors. The decorations can be pastel colors such as lavender, yellow, light green and of course, some blue. Crepe streamers in these colors can be hung around the room and plates and cups in a jungle motif can be used for serving food and cake. As for party favors, why not purchase some specialty jungle animal soap bars in the shapes of elephants, lions, giraffes and more which can be wrapped up nicely for the occasion. As flowers are essential for any party, a strategically placed jungle placard or small jungle-oriented balloon can be placed in the middle of the arrangement.

Games That Will Make the Crowd Go Wild

The jungle theme is something that can easily be incorporated into any game. For example, if playing Baby Shower Bingo why not give out jungle theme prizes to the winners such as a photo album with a lion on the cover or stationary featuring jungle animals on the front. A trivia game can also be concocted where the hostess will do a little independent research online and gather about twenty questions relating to various jungle animals and put them in a multiple choice format. The people who get the most answers correct win a prize (make it a jungle theme prize if one so desires).

Jungle theme baby showers are a great idea for hostesses to consider when throwing a baby shower for the guest of honor who is expecting a baby boy. By going with a jungle theme, the hostess can choose pleasing colors yet still have a boyish theme.

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Boy Baby Shower Theme – Jungle Theme