There aren’t many little boys out there who do not like John Deere tractors. For this reason, why not start early by having a John Deere tractor theme to celebrate in anticipation of the little boy that is on the way. The John Deere theme is best played out by using the tractor design and accompanying green and yellow colors for both the planning and execution of the baby shower. There are so many ways in which to decorate and celebrate John Deere style.

Invitations and Decorations

When one is planning a baby shower for a woman who is expecting a baby boy, what better way to celebrate the upcoming arrival than in little boy style. When sending out invitations for the special day, there are a number of various invitation styles which have the John Deere symbolic tractor on it. In the trademark colors of green and yellow, there is no mistaking that the future bundle of joy is going to be a boy.

There are also a variety of decorations which one can purchase to make this John Deere baby shower extra special. Plates, cups, centerpieces and favor boxes are available with tractors on them. If one doesn’t want to have tractor overload, why not limit the amount of tractor designs and add some decorations that are strictly green and yellow minus the tractors and use the tractor design as a focal point throughout the room. Another way to add a feminine touch to the John Deere baby shower is to add a lot of green and yellow floral centerpieces.

Baby Shower Games the John Deere Way

A great game to play at the baby shower with the John Deere theme is to have a word search where prizes are handed out to the individuals who finish the quickest. The word search can contain words which all relate to John Deere tractors in some way. With regard to the prizes, the awarded gifts which are handed out do not have to relate to tractors but could be items which are either green or yellow to stay with the John Deere theme. Another great thing to do at a John Deere baby shower is to have the attendees (minus the mother-to-be, for safety reasons) duel it out with a John Deere piñata. Not only is this fun for the participants but for the mother-to-be to watch as well.

Having a baby shower with a John Deere tractor theme is not only unique but typifies the perfect baby boy theme as well.

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Boy Baby Shower Theme – John Deere Tractors