Nothing seems to say hero more than those who work as firemen and policemen. Little boys love these two types of individuals and the passing by of fire trucks and police cars make them stop and stare. That is why a baby shower theme for a little boy on the way that goes the fireman and policeman route is most likely to be a sure hit. It is even more meaningful if the father-to-be has one of the aforementioned occupations.

Decorations Fit for a Hero

There are many ways to decorate within this theme. Sticking with colors such as red and blue will tie both the fireman theme and policeman theme together. Tablecloths in these colors can be evenly laid out throughout the room and balloons of varying colors, i.e. red tablecloth and blue balloons, can be intermingled. The hostess may choose to have one cake with both a fireman and policeman on top or maybe even consider purchasing two small cakes which cater to each occupation individually.

Fun Games to Play

The clothespin game is one often played baby shower game that can be given a new twist with the fireman and policeman theme. Everyone gets a clothespin attached to them when they arrive at the shower. If anyone says the word fireman or policeman, the person who hears it gets to take the pin of the person who said the word. At the end of the shower, the person with the most pins wins a prize. Another game which the attendees to the baby shower can play is a hero word search where all of the words that need to be found in the game in order to win are related to firemen and policemen. The person(s) who find all words in the least amount of time wins.

Little boys love firemen and policemen and there is no better time to start appreciating this fact than the present. For this reason, boy baby showers with this theme are sure to be a hit not only with the mom-to-be but with all of the guests as well.

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Boy Baby Shower Theme – Firemen and Policemen