Although winter is a usually cold time of year, there are many ways to make a winter baby shower warm and bubbly. If a hostess is planning a winter baby shower, one great idea with regard to a proper baby shower theme is a winter snowflake theme. This is a good idea especially if the hostess wishes to have a baby shower with a winter theme yet avoid any Christmas-type decorations or themes.

Bringing Out the Snowflake Theme via Decorations
A hostess wishing to have a baby shower with this particular theme in mind may wonder where to begin. First, she must decide what colors to use. A great color scheme which will bring out the snowflakes that will be spread throughout the room is a blue, gold, and white menagerie of color. Next, the hostess can either make or buy snowflake cutouts to suspend from the ceiling throughout the room. Another great decorative idea is to purchase snowflake confetti and sprinkle this added detail on each table. Centerpieces which consist of either poinsettias or white winter flowers can be placed on each table and the hostess may wish to put a snowflake insert into the center of each floral arrangement.

Snowflake Games
There are a number of snowflake-oriented games which the hostess can provide for the mother-to-be and guests at the baby shower. A Snowflake Word Search is one type of game which will entertain the baby shower attendees. Another snowflake-oriented game is Guess How Many Snowflakes where the hostess will have a small jar filled with snowflake confetti and the guests will have to guess how many are in the jar. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

A snowflake theme is a wonderful way to celebrate both the onset of winter and the future arrival of a new baby boy or girl.

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Baby Shower Theme – Winter Snowflakes