The hostess who is throwing a baby shower has a very important job. As part of this job, the hostess must choose a theme which is perfect for the mother-to-be. If the guest of honor is having a baby boy, what better theme to use for this occasion than one which typifies boys and that is a Tonka truck theme. These types of trucks have been around for decades and have delighted infinite numbers of boys all over the world. Therefore, a Tonka truck theme is the perfect theme for a baby shower to welcome in a little boy who is on the way.

Rough and Tumble Decorations with Elegant Features
There are ways in which the hostess can utilize Tonka trucks yet still keep the party quite appropriate for its many female guests. A great way to tie in the Tonka truck theme is to use a Tonka truck in the centerpiece. A big Tonka dump truck can be placed in the center of each table and have a potted flowering plant sitting in the rear portion of the truck. Great colors to use when going with a Tonka truck theme are yellows, blues, and whites but it never hurts to throw in some more feminine colors as well. A cake shaped as a Tonka truck is the perfect finish to a party with this particular theme.

Games with a Tonka Truck Twist
A great baby shower game which can be played that utilizes a Tonka truck in the preparations thereof is the Guess How Many game. To prepare this game, the hostess will fill a big Tonka dump truck with small colored stones, which can easily be acquired from any local craft store. The hostess will count the stones ahead of time so that she knows exactly how many are in the back of the Tonka truck. At the party, each guest will have to guess how many stones are in the back of the truck. The guest who comes closest to the correct number wins a prize.

A baby shower which has a Tonka truck theme to it simply screams out “boy” and will delight the mother-to-be and all of the guests as well.

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Baby Shower Theme – Tonka Truck Theme