When a hostess is planning a summer baby shower, often she wants to make the theme connect with the time of year. A great way to do so is to use a floral theme for the baby shower which will please not only the mother-to-be but the guests as well. A beautiful floral theme to use for a baby shower being held in the summertime is a sunflower theme.

Decorating with Sunflower Style
Sunflowers are a beautiful addition to any party, especially a baby shower. Since sunflowers should be the focal point of the baby shower, the best way to do so is to place a sunflower floral arrangement in the center of each table. In order to really bring out the colors of the flowers themselves, the hostess can use yellow, white, and green decorations to spread throughout the room. Balloons which are also comprised of this color scheme can be attached to the mom-to-be’s chair and gift table. Another way to bring out the sunflower theme is to have a baby shower cake shaped as a sunflower in yellow and white primary colors.

Games with a Sunflower Prize
There are a number of great games which can be played at a baby shower. Some of these games include Baby Shower Bingo, the Clothespin Game, and Baby Shower word searches. In order to keep with the beautiful and appropriate sunflower theme, perhaps the best way to do so is to award prizes which revolve around sunflowers. One prize could be a sunflower centerpiece that the winner would be able to take home whereas another prize could be sunflower stationary or photo album with these striking flowers on the cover.

The sunflower theme is a wonderfully feminine and cheerful theme to choose for a baby shower which is sure to please all who attend the party.

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Baby Shower Theme – Summer Sunflower Theme